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How do you deliver your wedding pictures once you are done editing? This is a commonly asked question and, although I must confess, I have a special thing for wedding albums, this is not the only option I offer for physical products as I also have linen boxes available for your individual 5×7 prints which […]

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How to know if my photographic style matches your needs You’ve been dreaming about this day for a while, you want it to be perfect or sort of, you know this will be the heritage for your children, grandchildren, you’ve been pinning lots of inspirations on your Pinterest board and somehow you don’t know exactly […]

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When Eva contacted me for this styled shoot, I saw the moodboard and it just felt right for us to work together. Our main goal for this peachy styled shoot was to give you a different option to the classic fairytale theme, one that would not include a white gown but a peach one instead.  […]

colorful bouquet wedding inspiration

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This might not be the first time you read this analogy but have you ever questioned the different perspectives we, as human beings, adopt to make it through any situation? We all face obstacles, however, it is how we respond to those obstacles what can make a world of difference. Optimists tend to see obstacles […]

half empty half full glass andrea marino covid portrait

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Alice is a french tailor and accessory designer. Her specialty are those brides who look for unique, long-lasting pieces made out of fabric. We met during a vendor cafe meeting in Toulouse and hit it off from there! I was thrilled when we exchanged ideas for her new collection in which I teamed up with Christelle […]

styled shoot alice marty editorial french accesory designer

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